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Micro Racer Briggs Danner Has Fiery Outcome

Hannah Wanko | Writer

Up-and-coming micro racer Briggs Danner was in high spirits on Friday, Sept. 10, at Spirit Auto Center Speedway in Swedesboro, NJ.

“The warm-up went well, despite the track being a little watery, but the car ran, and that is the most important thing” says Danner.

A microcar is an intermediate class for aspiring drivers and is propelled by a side-mounted motorcycle engine. Danner drives micro car #99 for owner Dave Bodine.

Danner wanted to finish his first heat in the top four to qualify for the feature race.

“I felt calm while waiting on the track at the starting line,” he said. “The energy was high amid the high screams of the engines being revved up as I waited for the flagman to signal the start of the race, and then the adrenaline rush kicked in.”

Among 11 other racers, Briggs started in fourth position. Through calculated driving, Briggs gained enough ground and took the lead early on. Decelerating into the turn and accelerating out, Danner maintained his lead until the eighth lap coming out of turn four when his engine seized.

“I knew something was wrong when the motor went flat sounding and I heard metal clanking,” he said.

Danner coasted to the side of the track when, upon extracting himself, noticed the engine was on fire.

“I was happy to get out in time before it got any worse,” he said.

Danner suffered no ill effects, however, the same could not be said for the car. Crew chief Josh Sebelin said Danner ran a good race until the engine went. Danner says the motor would need to be rebuilt and estimated the cost around $3,000.

Danner was rather stoic in the face of this upset, packed it up, called it a night, and stayed to watch the feature.

Despite this setback, Danner is looking forward to coming back and getting behind the wheel.


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