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Listening To Our Elderly

Owen Kleckner | Writer

Some young adults and kids during this generation may dream of having a job that may relate to video games or some sort of technology, I on the other hand have a job that works with many octogenarians. 

I work part-time at a personal care assisted living facility in Palmerton, PA as a dietary aide. I have been doing this job my entire college career in addition to doing college full-time. The job is very fulfilling as I get the chance to listen to residents’ stories while I serve their meals to them. I often visit residents even after my shifts are over and talk to them which makes them feel good. 

As many people know, living in a nursing facility can be lonely and depressing for some especially if they don’t have a lot of friends or family close by. 

If everyone took the time to get to know residents in nursing facilities, they may find out like I found out that their lives would be enhanced while making a difference. 

The summer after 8th grade  I started to volunteer in the activities department where my mom works at Moravian Hall Square in Nazareth, PA. I later found out by volunteering, treating our elders with respect and making them feel like family is significant. 

I still volunteer there during the summers and holiday breaks when I have the opportunity. I am majoring in Communication so that I can eventually become an activities director myself.


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