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Words From The Editor

Anna Liable | Editor

Being an editor is a completely different experience then being a writer. Starting as a writer for Sports Illustrated Kids at 14, I always had an editor, but I wasn’t one myself. Now, at only 16, I am experiencing what it would be like to be on the flip slide of things.

From editing blogs to making social media posts to writing my own stories, this has given me the opportunity to continue to grow as both a writer and an editor. My busy schedule is filled with many classes, but being a part of this newspaper team has been so fun.

I am continuing to learn, and I can’t wait to take the lessons I have learned in this class and apply them in my career for years to come. Thinking about the opportunities that I am having and have had as a result of being a writer, just makes me smile.

From starting my own sports podcast, Speak Up Sports, to being able to have my stories featured in the SI Kids magazine, I can’t wait to see what is ahead in the future.

Before I get too ahead of myself, I am going to enjoy the new challenges and opportunities that arise. Being able to write for the LCCC Pawprint has been yet another affirmation on knowing what career I want to pursue in life.


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