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LCCC Updating Mission Statement

Laurisa Gruver | Editor

LCCC is seeking participants from any campus to help update their mission statement. Photo Credit: LCCC Facebook

Lehigh Carbon Community College is updating their Mission, Vision, and Values statement beginning this spring 2022 and is looking for volunteer students, faculty, and staff to participate in focus groups.

Scott Aquila, Academic Dean, explains, “the college, as most institutions, has a vision, which is our statement about the future, our mission, which is our statement about what we’re focusing on currently, and values, which is what our guiding principles are for the institution. To make sure they are current and up to date, we go through a review process every three years, and we are in that cycle now.”

LCCC’s current Vision statement reads, “Lehigh Carbon Community College aspires to prepare our diverse community through transformative learning experiences for the needs of an ever changing world.”

The college’s current Mission statement reads, “Lehigh Carbon Community College builds a stronger community by providing an accessible, equitable, inclusive, and affordable education to empower students to achieve academic and career goals.”

The current values of the college include, “access, civil engagement and service learning, continuous improvement, employees, equity, instructional excellence, learning, partnerships, and student development.”

In the upcoming review process, these statements will be presented at student focus groups, staff and faculty meetings, program advisory meetings, and our community partner events. LCCC will collect feedback and work on refining these standards in preparation for the future. “This is not a rewrite or starting over, but a revision to build upon our philosophy and values already established,” Aquila stated.

“If students wish to participate, they can feel free and comfortable to participate. It’s not a quiz. It’s not a test. It’s really just your perspective,” Aquila says. “And we want to hear from students as to how the administration or institution can better relay this information so that students are aware of it.”

This way students can realize they are getting more value and experience from LCCC than just the content learned in the classroom.

If you are interested in participating or want more information, contact Scott Aquila at to play a part in making your college a better place.


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