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LCCC Students Look for Future Jobs at Fair

Kacey Pasquarella | Writer

The job search process can be overwhelming–whether you’re just starting out or you’re changing careers. Wouldn’t it be helpful if there was an event where companies were literally lined up, ready to talk to eager applicants? Thankfully, an event like that exists right here in Schnecksville.

 LCCC hosts a job fair during the fall and spring semesters to give students and the public a chance to ask questions, talk with companies about positions they offer, and meet new people. The most recent event was held on April 4 in the Community Service Center from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  More than 80 employers attended the job fair to seek out applicants for positions in their companies.

Companies in industries including healthcare, law enforcement, education, miniature golf and a variety of other work opportunities were represented at the job fair. Education majors, for example, had the opportunity to talk to representatives of places such as Petite Scholars Learning center or Kaleidoscope.

Some company representatives are new to the LCCC job fair, like Brooke Wagner from Bayada Home Health Care. 

“It is important to market with students in schools to make them aware of what we do. I am an LCCC Alumni and I wasn’t really familiar with what home care was until before I got into it. I like to share a little about what we do,” she said.

The job fair also helps students like Rhiannon Pammer look for new opportunities and talk with people. 

Pammer, a psychology major, went to the job fair, “to look at the different opportunities that were presented there.” Students like Rhiannon took the opportunity to attend the job fair to start a line of communication with different companies. 


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