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LCCC Students and Faculty Share Their Experiences with Online and Remote Learning

Jayme Whitcomb | Writer

Photo Credit: Emmanuel Ikwuegbu from Pexels

In today’s age of technology, traditional face-to-face classes on campus aren’t the only way to get an education. Computers, tablets, and phones have made it easier than ever to read, watch lectures, and communicate with professors from anywhere. It is convenient for the students that are unable to come to campus due to work, children, and distance factors.

“In Fall 2022, 64% of our students were taking at least one online course, and 39% of students were taking only online courses,” said Kelly Trahan, Dean of Education, Computer Science, and Online Learning.

LCCC student Alexis Keeney stated that the ability to attend classes online and remotely has helped her to cut the cost of her child’s daycare.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, LCCC began utilizing Kandao cameras in the classrooms, creating an extended learning format where students can register for a remote section and attend Zoom for class each week.

“It’s provided a lot of flexibility for those who work and have changed schedules,” Trahan said. “We are going to continue the remote Zoom classes. There is a definite need for it, and the students want it.”

LCCC student Max Barajas appreciates the ease of attending classes remotely.

“It’s easy for me to wake up, make my coffee, and open Zoom,” he said.

These online and remote class formats are fairly new to LCCC, but they are every bit as rich as the traditional face-to-face format because the faculty worked hard to create an engaging online learning environment for students.

“Online and remote classes follow the same format as face-to-face. It’s not watered down. It's the same information, just presented differently,” Trahan said.

“When Covid hit, that’s when I decided to go back and get an education,” Keeney said. “I took full advantage of being able to go online.”

Technology has made an immense impact on the ways college students attend classes and receive an education. LCCC is committed to addressing students’ needs by adapting to these online and remote class environments.


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