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LCCC’s Student Career Opportunities on Campus

Haley Aleman | Writer

On LCCC’s main campus, there are plenty of one-size-fits-all jobs that share this common ground. Who better, than the students themselves, to take on these projects.

Many of these jobs assure the flexibility to work and attend classes all at once. This proves suitable for any caliber student, yet the certainties are perfect for those who accumulate time in between classes but pass on extracurriculars. 

Callie Clayton, Director of First Year Experience at LCCC shares her most helpful guidance when starting work on campus, “The biggest experience is that you’ve been a student here.”

Clayton works with student mentors and apprentices finding the skills that are learned are worth the potential hassle of working a job at school. 

Clayton also offers insight into the correlation of having a job on campus with the social networking that is often advised,

“I think people do better in their classes, being involved as a worker here because building a family of coworkers is different than being in a class with someone.” 

Making yourself known within the college community can be key to finding your place in the world. What better way to lead, than to lead with experience?


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