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LCCC's Film Club Brings Students Together

Cassie Sarnicky | Writer

Frank Czine brainstorming the film club's next project on a whiteboard at WXLV.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, it has been difficult to keep new and existing clubs up and running. But college life at LCCC is starting to evolve into a new sense of normalcy, along with LCCC’s Film club.

“There has been a version of Film Club for close to 20 years,” said Wendy Barron, Professor and Coordinator of Media Arts, Communication, and Design at LCCC, and the club’s advisor.

Barron explained that this club has gone by many names, and was led by many students. Matthew Craft, an LCCC alumnus who started the film club, now lives in Los Angeles.

Currently, the head of the film club is Frank Czine. He has several goals for the film club.

“I want this club to be a fun, safe space for anyone to walk in and just have a good time talking about or experiencing the media we love,” Czine said.

He added that he’d like the club to be “a place for students within film, music, audio, etc. majors to be able to get relevant experience within the fields they wish to get into.”

The club typically meets at WXLV Digital Media and Production Lab on the corner of campus. They usually meet on Tuesdays at 2:30 p.m. Equipment is available to borrow from WXLV. Using your own equipment is also allowed and encouraged. You are always welcome, even if you are not a film major.

Anyone who would like to learn more about film club should contact Czine at The club also communicates via discord.


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