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LCCC Offers Hands-on Sports Broadcasting for Students

Aaliyah Abarca | Writer

Whether your favorite sport is volleyball, golf, or baseball, the ability to watch sporting events live from anywhere is something everyone can appreciate. Lehigh Carbon Community College (LCCC) will begin to stream our school sports games and is giving students the opportunity to be involved in the hands-on broadcasting team.

Digital Media and Design Lab Instructional Aid for LCCC, Peter Sabino, is the supervisor for this team of students and has been working closely with IT to get the equipment set up. Progress started moving forward in December 2021 when Sabino met with the dealer for the equipment. After a few setbacks, the full broadcast setup is now running and ready for student use.

“Students are able to springboard this experience into real full-time jobs,” Sabino said. “I think the area that has the most job opportunities is live broadcasts, especially with sports.”

Not only will this give students direct experience with a field they are interested in pursuing, but it will also give them the “ability to pivot in the middle of hectic games and also be able to deal with new setups- that kind of skill is applicable to any field.” Quick troubleshooting and remaining calm are valuable traits that are necessary in the workforce.

Positions that are available include announcing, graphics, camera operators, and directors- no experience necessary. Contact Peter Sabino to learn more at


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