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LCCC Hosts Transfer Fair

Julianna Vartuli | Writer

Thinking about furthering your education after LCCC? Each semester, LCCC hosts a transfer fair for students who want to learn more about their options. The college hosted the latest transfer fair on March 21, and it was attended by many students making plans for their future.

The transfer fair showcased LCCC’s partner colleges as well as other regional and national colleges and universities. Transfer fairs give students an opportunity to meet with representatives at these other schools to discuss options and ask questions about furthering their degree. Students can also enter a raffle to win big prizes.

Fauzia N. Graham M.Ed., Transfer Advisor at LCCC, explains why the transfer fair is relevant and beneficial for students.

“It is important for our students to take advantage of this opportunity to meet representatives from many colleges and universities, and discuss with them their own case specific questions, so their transfer is seamless,” she said.

At transfer fairs, students can attend the event and talk with representatives that they might not have been interested in prior, but after asking questions, they may expand their choices.

Marissa Cecere, MBA, Relationship Manager for Bellevue University, and a representative whose job is to make this transition as seamless as possible for the students thinking of transferring, explains why students benefit from her being present at the transfer fair.

“Even though Bellevue University's main campus is in Nebraska, I am here in Schnecksville to better understand the needs of the community,” she said. “Instead of trying to figure out the process of who is the right person to contact, students can meet with me at any time on campus to get started. By being at the transfer fair in person, I can create those personal relationships with students who may be interested in Bellevue one day.”

The transfer fair is an event that happens every semester. Take the opportunity to become informed, and attend if interested.


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