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LCCC Enters its Fourteenth Year of Dual Enrollment

Since 2007, Lehigh Carbon Community College has offered dual enrollment opportunities to high school students in several counties in Pennsylvania. As the program gains popularity, administrators advance their methods and resources.

All the schools of Lehigh County, Carbon County, Shenandoah, and Tamaqua are eligible for this program. Since the program started, there has been a noticeable progression in the flexibility of high schools, the number of students doing dual enrollment, and their connection with the college.

“ When I first started in 2010, high schools were strict about letting their students come onto campus,” said Jennifer Aquilla, Director of High School Connections, LCCC. “In more recent years, some students are allowed to spend the whole day on campus.”

Dual enrollment allows students that are still in high school to take college courses and earn credits that count toward high school graduation and a college degree. These credits can be used to complete a degree at LCCC or transfer to a four-year school.

Each student is offered a wide variety of courses to choose from and has access to resources like the library and tutoring sessions. In the fall semester of 2019, 19.5% of LCCC’s students were dual enrollment. In fall 2020, the numbers held steady at 18%

Stephanie Morrison, High School Connections Assistant, LCCC, said the program has received an increase in interest and exposure, and with growth comes change. The program has updated its methods of contacts and resources to make the process easier for newcomers and more enjoyable for second-year students.

While the Coronavirus brought new challenges, the High School Connections representatives continue to accommodate students and find the best fit for them at LCCC.


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