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LCCC Bookstore Under Construction

Alina Dewindt | Writer

The new main entrance of the LCCC bookstore is located near the faculty and staff parking lot due to the recent renovations.

If you’re finding it tough to locate the bookstore lately, you’re not alone. Since the new renovation began at the start of the fall semester, finding the entrance is like playing “Where’s Waldo?”

LCCC has plans to turn the space into an equity and inclusion center where students can hang out with friends or study for their classes.

The bookstore is still available for student access, however, it can only be accessed from the Academic Resource Center's outside entrance near parking lot D.

Rachel Frame, manager of the LCCC bookstore since 2021, shared her observations about the construction.

"The store hasn’t had much impact due to the renovations," Frame said. "However, students find it difficult to locate the bookstore since it’s now such a small area."

But what will happen to the textbooks and the display table full of Apple products?

"The store still has more or less tucked-away textbooks,” Frame said. “But if you ask an employee about a certain textbook you need, they’ll be able to help you out. However, the display table full of our technology devices is no longer in our store, but we do have them available on the LCCC’s bookstore website."

Katrina Maniscalco, a student at LCCC, expressed her frustration with the construction.

“I feel like due to the recent renovations that the hallway feels confined whenever other students are changing between classes,” Maniscalco said.

The renovation is slated to be completed May 2023.


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