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How To Keep Your Pets Safe From Wildlife

Sarah Butkovich | Writer

Willow, an Aussie. Photo taken by Larry Butkovich.

When you live in a state that translates from Latin as "Penn's Woods," you will likely see a few wild animals in your neighborhood, and you might need help in case you and your pets ever come into contact with them.

The Animal Hospital of Springfield, Illinois, stated on their blog, “From deer and coyotes to foxes, skunks, bats, and raccoons, wild animals can pose a serious threat as they carry a variety of diseases that can be transmitted to pets and people.”

They also list some of the diseases that these animals may be carrying such as Leptospirosis, Giardia, and Rabies. These worrying facts could inspire pet owners to seek more knowledge on the topic.

There are a few solutions, if you are placed into this situation. According to McLean's Animal Hospital, you should keep your yard clean by eliminating any places where animals may hide in your yard. Always pick up dog poop, and keep your yard clear of trash since animals are drawn to these things. They also advise that you keep an eye on your pet when they are outdoors, especially around dawn and dusk.

However, what if a wild animal is already living in your yard? What happens if you are hiking with your pet and you unexpectedly come across a wild animal?

Josie Gumina, a prospective veterinarian said, “Have your pet leashed, if it’s something dangerous, don't make eye contact with the animal because it shows challenge, back up slowly but don’t turn your back to it, and hold your pet close to make sure they don’t injure themselves.”

If you suspect that a wild animal is already living in your yard, you should contact an animal control center or a wildlife control center. Hopefully, these tips will help pet owners in living in harmony with their outdoor surroundings, making it a pleasurable experience for all.


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