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How Immigration Status Affects Students’ Academic Performance

Alex Perez | Writer

The stress of living and adapting to a new country as an immigrant student is sure to affect their academic performance in some way, but to what extent?

According to an article published by the Sage journal in 2019, “Undocumented students face greater barriers to college attendance because they are ineligible for government financial aid because their returns to education are uncertain since they cannot legally work, and because they attend school under the threat of deportation.”

Even those who aren’t undocumented still struggle with finding their place in a new country where assimilating to the culture and the language is vital to achieving "The American Dream."

“I had to learn a [new] language by myself, and I think I haven’t assimilated it yet. The obstacles are so strong that if you don’t get up fast enough they could pull you down," said Scarlett Ortiz, an LCCC student. "To learn a new language is something that takes courage."

This is why having access to resources is important, not only to those in need but to those who want to offer a helping hand.

Natalie DeRosa, Latinx Support Coordinator at LCCC, currently conducts ASPIRA, a first-year college experience seminar that offers Latine students valuable resources in order to help them with their college experience.

In DeRosa’s own words, “It’s a gift to work here. I’m grateful for being in a space where I can speak Spanish and use being bilingual to help students, regardless of their backgrounds, and be able to make LCCC feel like a home for students of different identities.”

Due to her experience working with students who have different backgrounds, she mentions how traumatic it is for those who don’t have any other choice but to leave their country behind in order to have a better and safer life.

This is why it’s important to highlight the significance of these kinds of classes and the willingness and passion behind them.


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