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Graduations On The Horizon

Adriana Silvestre | Writer

Seven weeks, that is all the time left before graduation, where some students will take the final bow on their education. For some, this may be the beginning of the rest of their lives, and for others, this may be the last step in their educational journey.

Graduation can be the best time or the worst time for students. During these next seven weeks, this becomes crunch time for students struggling all semester. However, for those who have been smooth sailing all semester, this is the time to come together and help those that need it.

For those struggling and needing extra assistance, be sure to go to a teacher, ask for help, or go to an advisor and talk about your troubles. We are lucky that our school offers counseling so if the struggles of finals and graduation are becoming too much, use the counseling center, they are more than happy to help.

Within the next seven weeks, students will plan what they want to do after graduation. For instance, after graduation I can be proud of my accomplishments, prepare for what is to come, and most of all, breathe.

While graduation may be on the horizon, let us remember that we as a student body need to focus on finals and finish off the semester strong. However, do not forget to have fun within these next few weeks, as some of you may not see each other again after graduation.

Most importantly, congratulations to my fellow graduates. We did it!


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