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Film Club Offers Unique Opportunities

Brandon Bernhard | Writer

There are two kinds of students at a college campus; the students who take hold of opportunities, and the students who don’t. Film Club is one of the opportunities LCCC provides for students to gain skills, be a part of something during their college experiences, and enjoy themselves.

The name “Film Club” speaks for itself. It is meant to promote art, film, script writing, directing, acting, and more. It is a platform for creativity to be seeded, to hopefully sprout into something beautiful, as well as allow students to gain experience so their skills and knowledge can be useful elsewhere.

“I would like Film Club to be a creative free space for pretty much anyone, doesn’t have to be TV and film or audio designs,” said Film Club President Frank Czine. “(I want it to be) for anyone to come in, collaborate with people, and make new friends.”

Czine, who has been in Film Club since Fall 2021, also said he wants Film Club participants to gain experience within their fields. So, when they transfer out of LCCC or go into the workforce, they will have an idea of what film is like.

Along with Czine, the members of Film Club spend their time enhancing their art form by coming together and socializing on projects and more.

According to Czine, the Film Club is currently working towards good community projects, and collaborations with other clubs, programs, and sports teams such as the criminal justice program, the men’s basketball team, and the art club.

Katrina Maniscalco, a Film Club member, talked about her experience in the club.

“It’s given me something to work towards in a fun way on campus,” said Maniscalco. “Other than just my classes, it’s also a nice excuse to come together and socialize about projects in the club and talk about life as well.”

Maniscalco describes film club as a form of expression where you can come together with other people with the same interests.


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