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Earthquake Has Devastating Effects on Turkey and Syria

Kalman Sasdi | Writer

On February 6, Turkey and Syria faced a horrible natural disaster. They were struck by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that destroyed many of their cities. The devastation was incomprehensible and has left thousands dead with more yet to be found. According to Reuters, as of March 4, the death toll was 45,968.

The Turkish government has been faced with the tough situation of having to come up with locations for its citizens to go after the devastation. The government has set up over 5,400 shipping containers and 200,000 tents to supply shelter for the citizens of this country, according to AP news. For weeks, many families wondered if their loved ones were safe, trapped, or dead.

According to BBC, many Syrians are attempting to return to their home country after residing in Turkey due to their country being in a civil war. Turkey has allowed them to do this amidst the natural disaster. This has created a long wait to cross the border.

The people of Turkey and Syria are struggling throughout this tough time. Both countries are dealing with equal amounts of struggle. They are both facing one of the largest natural disasters in recent memory.

This earthquake and the deaths that followed is the largest disaster in Turkey’s modern history. It is the most devastating earthquake since the 2010 Haiti earthquake that killed about 160,000 civilians. As the death total increases with the removal of rubble, it is likely to become even more gruesome.


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