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Created to Create

Brianna Plummer | Writer

LCCC’s Art Club is a place for people to express themselves, their creativity, thoughts, and emotions. It’s a supportive community where students can develop their skills, learn new techniques, and discover their artistic potential. The boundaries of creativity are pushed, and self-expression knows no limits. 

Kayla Beers, President of the art club, shared her experience and growth within the club. 

“The art club helped me grow in more ways than one,” she said. “One way is the understanding of what goes into a club. It can be a lot, but the amount of fun we have each week is awesome.”

There is often a misconception in art, where many people believe if they’re not an expert at drawing then art is not for them, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Art comes in multiple forms and styles; it is a journey of learning and growth by embracing the process, allowing yourself to explore and experiment until you find what works for you. 

At the heart of the art club is the belief that art is not limited to a single medium. Drawing and painting are just the tip of the iceberg! Art is very broad, it can range from sculptures to music, dancing, photography, communication, being a designer, and so much more. The art club celebrates the diverse forms of artistic expression and wants to incorporate that all into one club.

Through a variety of projects and events, the art club provides a platform for members to showcase their talents and push the boundaries of their artistic abilities. They host exhibitions, workshops, and collaborative projects. An example of the club showcasing their members is the Glass Box Gallery, located in the Rothrock Library. 

“If you give the students an opportunity to be able to have these real-life experiences then it’s not only setting them up for success but It’s helping them reach their goals for the next age and be able to make a name for themselves and build a professional practice,” says Jeremy Siedt, faculty advisor of the club.

The Art Club holds meetings in the WXLV Digital Media and Production Lab, which has various resources and equipment such as a band room, a music studio, a broadcasting room, digital cameras, drawing pads, and more you can use to develop your skills.


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