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Capturing Life's Moments Through Passion and Principle

Photo of Christopher Shipley taken by fellow photographer Saed Hindash.

Anthony DeVenuta │Writer

Christopher Shipley's life is a testament to following one's skills while safeguarding personal passions. As a freelance photographer with a love for the ocean and surfing, Shipley's career trajectory and personal philosophy offer insight into living a life rich with purpose and satisfaction.

Shipley's entrance into photography was not planned but became an integral part of his life's work.

"I think initially I came into photography not necessarily like I want to be a photographer…it was more like let’s take a camera along and chronicle… went here and did this," he said.

He began with a simple desire to document his adventures and gradually evolved into a profession.

Shipley emphasizes the importance of finding something you’re good at to make a living, while reserving personal passions for oneself. This balance allowed him to maintain his love for surfing without the pressure of commercialization.

"I love making surfboards, I love surfing... I ended up in the industry in San Diego…and I started to not love it… I realized, no, I'm going to ruin that if I stay in this."

Shipley's philosophy on life and success diverges from conventional materialistic aspirations. He passionately advocates for the 'be, do, have' ideology, stressing the significance of being present and engaging in activities that bring joy before concerning oneself with possessions.

"Life is not going to start after you do this or after you do that... life is happening right here, right now," he said, encouraging an active rather than a passive approach to life's opportunities.

Beyond his professional and personal pursuits, Shipley is dedicated to mentoring the next generation. Through teaching, he imparts the wisdom of pursuing one's strengths and interests with intention.

"Don't wait for something to happen to make something else happen," he said. "Life is always going to start after I finish my degree, this is going to happen. After I get a boyfriend or girlfriend, this is going to happen. After I get this job, this is going to happen. But there's so much blank time in there, if you're waiting for some benchmark for your life to start.”

Shipley's narrative is more than just a career summary; it's a guide on how to navigate life with authenticity and fulfillment. His story embodies the belief that the richest life is one spent engaging with one's true talents and protecting the passions that ignite the soul.



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