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Balancing Work, Relationships, and School Work Challenges Students for the Better

Averyll Hoch | Writer

It has been my experience that maintaining a balance between work, school, and my personal relationships can be, at times,  extremely challenging. Often, I need to prioritize one of the three over the others to solve certain problems. 

I find that the best way to maintain a healthy balance between all three is to find time for yourself and do your best to schedule your week to maximize efficiency and reduce stress. When you reduce the level of uncertainty in your schedule you then can focus on what you need to accomplish rather than when you need to accomplish it. 

Being able to multitask and properly balance work and personal life will result in less stress in the future, as you will have acquired the skills you need to succeed in the world beyond the classroom. 

The more organized I have become, the less stressful my workload feels, and the less outside stress I bring to my personal relationships. My overall stress level is reduced when I can put more focus on what I need to get done through a plan to accomplish my work. 

The biggest challenge students face is being able to properly plan out a way to make work, relationships, and school work function efficiently. Many unexpected factors and problems are bound to arise in any situation however, stress can be reduced with a good plan to meet your goals. 


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