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And We’re Live on Air!

Good morning fellow students of Lehigh Carbon Community College.

While you may not have the creative talent of the great fictional deejay Adrian Cronauer, played by the late Robin Williams in Good Morning Vietnam, that should not discourage you from getting involved in the radio station here at Lehigh Carbon Community College. There are approximately 14,885 radio stations in America that can be searched using a zip code, call letter, or a formal - by looking it up at a radio locator website like iHeartRadio. Lehigh Carbon Community College has an agreement with WXLV Digital & Design Center, which is very helpful if you are hosting your own radio show and trying to attract new listeners and grow your audience. Interested listeners can easily download the iHeart Media app and listen on any mobile device - cell phone, tablet, or computer.

There are a wide variety of shows available to listeners - encompassing an array of different genres - such as IHateKate hosted by Kate Hughes, Atomic Bus hosted by Jack Strini, and Decades of Decadence hosted by DJ Mike Mayhem.

The radio station is located in the southeast corner of campus. While hosting your own on-air radio show is a feature that attracts many people, sharing your voice through a live, on-air broadcast is not the only opportunity offered by the WXLV Digital & Media Design Center.

The WXLV Digital & Media Design Center, located at LCCC’s main campus in Schnecksville, PA, also offers students and members of the community access to iMacs in the lab - a resource that students can use for homework and online assignments. The iMac computers are loaded with digital media software and graphic design tools like Adobe Photoshop, DaVinci Cut, and Final Resolve. All LCCC students also have access to use the 3D printer, the opportunity to perform in the recording studio, and can also do live twitch streaming for electronic gaming as well. The WXLV Media & Design Center is a great place for students - and creative minds alike - to collaborate and work together, or on their own to produce creative projects and shows.

Pete Sabino, an alumnus of Lehigh Carbon Community College who earned a degree in Fine Art & Audio Production, serves as the LCCC Media & Design Center’soperations director. He is committed to providing students with the tools and resources they need to be successful, and makes himself available to help students with their projects and further advance their skills.

“I would love for more students to get involved, and really enjoy the opportunity to guide them and help them achieve their goals”, Sabino said.

Students or community members interested in learning more about opportunities at the LCCC radio station should contact Sabino at

The WXLV Design & Media Center is a great place for students and local community members to gain new skills and, most importantly, learn what it's like to be on the air and gain radio broadcasting experience. I encourage anyone interested to take advantage of the opportunity and learn more about what the LCCC radio station has to offer...You will not be disappointed, and you will definitely learn something new.


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