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2023 Is Going Retro

Veronica Querio | Writer

A lot of people may not be too familiar with what really happened in the ’80s. While not everything was fantastic (like the great recession of 1982), the ’80s brought us video games and arcade machines that are now becoming popular again. On top of that, while vinyl became less popular for other forms of music in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, it’s making a comeback with this new generation revisiting it.

To be coined “retro” is the newest buzz word. Arcade1Up is a company that specializes in producing ¾ scale arcade machines using modern components. Their ready-to-assemble kits provide the older generation with the means to build their own personal arcades. Parents are now introducing this to their children and sharing vintage and outdated video games, with older games only taking up a fraction of the resources that the new ones do. In addition, old style arcades are being resurrected and opening throughout the country, whether that is bar-cades, mall arcades, etc.

“I think arcades are pretty cool especially for people who like antique stuff and collecting,” said Emily McMickle, LCCC student.

With all the digital technology today, the analog music from vinyl records is becoming more embraced, which has been one of the hottest trends in the past years. Perhaps it is something about listening to the crisp tones as the needle passes through the grooves on the 33 RPM albums.

“I like the class feel of them and how you can hear the little crackles from the vinyl,” said Austin Philhower, LCCC student. “ It’s not as clean as today’s music, it’s more authentic.”

Seeing the revival of the 1980s puts a smile on a lot of people’s faces, as they now embrace every moment, not taking any moments for granted.


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