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Life with my new electronic assistant

After adapting to Siri quite early, I never imagined a life with Amazon’s Alexa, but now having purchased one it’s crazy to think of my life without her.

Voice commands have been something of a norm for us for a few years now. When Apple introduced Siri, I felt anxious to get my hands on her. Of course, at that point, the tech was severely limited, and upon comparison, we’ve come extremely far. When I decided to purchase Amazon’s Alexa, I didn’t think it was going to change my life as much as it did.

Beyond just a casual companion who turns on my playlist from time to time, Alexa joined me by simplifying my routine (or maybe making me a bit lazier). With simple commands, she can set alarms, turn on my TV, my gaming console, and more, and having this ability is really a game-changer.

Now, a few weeks out with my Amazon Alexa, I can say I’m definitely getting used to this new lifestyle. It truly has simplified my day and made scheduling a lot easier just by uttering a few commands. I feel as though I’m less on my phone as a result, and multitasking has become a lot simpler too.

I guess you could say that I’ve become a bit spoiled by how far technology has come.

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