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Career Development Center ready to help students— even during a pandemic

Finding a job or internship could be hard during a pandemic, but there are many ways that LCCC’s Career Development Center (CDC) can help.

"The Cougar CLAW is an excellent source that is available to all LCCC students and alumni,” said Tina Moyer, Director of the CDC.

The Cougar CLAW is a career management system where employers are able to post job opportunities for LCCC students and alumni. The CLAW contains hundreds of listings, and students can create a free profile at

“Students are now able to search jobs on the CLAW that employers have indicated they urgently need to fill due to the pandemic,” Moyer said.

In addition to the CLAW, Moyer suggests students check out sites like and, as well as company websites and staffing agencies.

Internships, on the other hand, are more difficult to locate right now since many companies have temporarily discontinued their internship programs. In some cases, companies are allowing remote internships.

Moyer recommends that students begin their search the semester prior to when they plan to do their internship. The CDC will help students develop a professional resume so they are ready to start their internship search.

Students who need assistance with careers or internships can contact the Career Development Center at 610-799-1090 or email them for more information at

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