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How to work in an online environment (with ADHD)

A number of students have asked me how I manage time, and how I retain my focus.

Having ADHD means that I need to be creative with organization and habits. Flashcards don’t work for me, if I sit down and force myself to read for three hours at a time, I will be unsuccessful -- I have to be creative and flexible with the techniques I use.

Though the following strategies have helped me navigate through online classes, they could be useful to you as well:

When I create my weekly to-do list, I always put my due dates as one day ahead. I’m an expert procrastinator, and I also have a terrible long term memory; I’ll often forget due dates unless I write them down, which can be used to my advantage.

I use a few strategies for reading.

Before I begin, I have a "little ritual.” I light a candle, make a snack and some coffee or tea, along with a glass of water. Then I sit down, put on an instrumental playlist, and begin. This process allows me to get into the right headspace. I also use an app called Forest, which prevents me being distracted by my phone.

There are many more strategies and techniques I use, but I feel that these can certainly provide some help.

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