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A pandemic-proof October bucket list

As Halloween—my favorite holiday of the year—approaches, every year I look forward to crazy spooky activities I love to try. Obviously, this year will play out a bit different due to the pandemic, but I’m remaining hopeful that a few more businesses will open up this fall/winter, as I’ve prepared a list of activities to enjoy during the chillier seasons. But fear not, there are still some ideas on this list that don’t require leaving the house. Pumpkin picking with a warm sweater on, hearing the leaves crunch with every step. Finding the perfect pumpkin to take home and carve. Visit a haunted house. Haunted houses are probably my favorite things to do in October. There’s nothing like getting a good scare to get you into the Halloween spirit. Visit a horror-themed escape room. (I’ve never been to an escape room and I’ve always wanted to, so a horror-themed one this October would be a great experience.) Binge-watch horror movies. Some of my favorites are The Conjuring, Insidious, and Halloween Town. I’d also love to watch any new ones that come out in theaters. Baking Halloween cookies. There’s something about eating cookies with a pumpkin on it that just puts you in a great mood. While the pandemic may put some seasonal festivities to a standstill, I’m still excited, even if I only get to watch horror movies and bake cookies.

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