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A change of scenery

Amidst the pandemic, I felt an idea looming over me for weeks before the start of my last semester at LCCC. I came up with this idea of packing up my car and just heading to Colorado to seek the thrill of change and struggle of having to make it work for myself. There I was driving across the country in hopes of finding a new life for me in Colorado. I never do things like this, but I thought to myself “when I am going to get this opportunity to do this again in my life?” So I packed up my car Sept. 4 and I started the 24-hour journey to where the plains meet the sky. At first, I felt nervous but there is something surreal about the unknown and what was to come from this experience -- it was something out of a movie or dream when I saw the “Welcome to Colorful Colorado,” sign. I pulled over at the nearest gas station to get diesel for my car and I knew this is where I wanted to be at this moment. If I have anything to say about my spontaneous move I recommend that if you feel stuck maybe it means change is necessary and go chase whatever it is that you want out of this life… but maybe check the time zone change before you commit (I found out quickly that my 8:00 am classes turned into 6:00 am classes, but that’s part of the fun I suppose).

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