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Global Citizen brings us virtually together

Gabrielle Neiss, Fear of losing life, Acrylic on canvas, 11” x 14”,

2020, Two Dimensional Design

In times of crisis when students don’t know how to help, Global Citizen offers an abundance of ways to make a difference. Global Citizen is a non-profit organization that uses its platform to inform and impact change all over the world.

“Global Citizen is a movement of millions of people taking action to solve the world’s biggest problems,” the Global Citizen website states.

Their charity actions include signing petitions, tweeting, emailing, and taking quizzes to earn points.

According to the Global Citizen website, “Since 2011, 24,232,661 actions have been taken, $48.4 billion commitments have been made, and 880 million lives have been impacted to date.”

With the coronavirus pandemic, Global Citizen has been taking action to make sure people are informed about the virus and know how to avoid spreading it. They have started the ‘Together At Home’ campaign where artists go live on social media and perform concerts from their homes.

“Together At Home is our virtual concert series in partnership with WHO (World Health Organization) to help us all practice social distancing and promote global health,” the Global Citizen website shared.

The virtual concerts take place daily on Instagram and on April 18, Global Citizen broadcasted ‘One World: Together At Home’ globally. The program supported the WHO and health care workers on the frontlines of the coronavirus crisis. The global broadcast included artists and comedians like Billie Eilish and Jimmy Fallon.

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Haley Brinker, Quarantined and Forgotten,

Acrylic on canvas, 12” x 12”,

2020, Painting I

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