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LCCC students seek seasonal job opportunities

Photo by Akaash Shukla

The entrance to Dorney Park.

Busy full time students are likely to be broke all the time. In the Lehigh Valley, seasonal work is a valid option for students who are looking to make a little spending money or even pay off loans.

Seasonal work is an opportunity for people who want to get a job but are too busy during the semester or want to find a productive way to pass time. Issac Bredbenner, a student at Lehigh Carbon Community College who majors in computer science specializing in programming, worked for UPS during the winter break in 2019 as a runner who helped deliver packages during the busy holiday season.

“I could work for however many hours I wanted,” Bredbenner said. “They are looking for reliable people. People would just show up for one day and never show up again and you can’t run a business like that.”

However, there are other options in the Lehigh Valley for seasonal work such as Dorney Park. Olivia Navitsky is a student at LCCC who also works seasonally at Dorney Park.

“I think the best part about working there is the experience you gain in the different jobs and with learning how to provide customer service,” Navitsky said. “You meet so many people, many of which become friends. It's a great way to balance work, school and personal life too.”

There are many opportunities for students in the Lehigh Valley when it comes to making enough money to support themselves and seasonal work is one of them. Since seasonal work is only for part of the year, students may have an easier time balancing their busy routines.

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