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Coffee shop helps those in recovery

Photo by Stephanie Heffelfinger

A fresh coffee from Hope & Coffee.

The opioid epidemic has made its way into the Lehigh Valley, but Hope & Coffee is looking to change that, one cup of coffee at a time.

Located in Tamaqua, Hope & Coffee is a non-profit business founded by Lisa Jane Scheller, a local businesswoman, politician, and contributor to Lehigh Carbon Community College. She says that the coffee shop’s main purpose is to provide support for recovering drug addicts and to erase the stigma that surrounds recovery.

Scheller talks openly about her own recovery from drug and alcohol abuse saying, “I was going through my own introspection in understanding. I’m not really ashamed of my recovery.”

The impact that the opioid crisis was having on her community, along with her own personal story, led her to the idea of opening Hope & Coffee.

“I came to the conclusion through some inspiration of some friends of mine, that my story can help people,” Scheller said.

Hope & Coffee has been in business for almost two years, and it offers more than just coffee and pastries.

The shop hosts support groups for recovering addicts and offers employment opportunities for those in recovery. Various communities across the country have also reached out to Hope & Coffee to implement similar organizations in their area.

Students at LCCC can support this cause by purchasing their coffee and merchandise or donating directly through their website.

For more information on Hope & Coffee, visit

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