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Words From the Editor

Amber Kalnas | Editor

In about a month I will be considered an LCCC Graduate. I will have my associate’s degree in Communications. Looking back, these past two years have flown by. I cannot believe I am going to be graduating next month. I am at the halfway point of my college career which is hard to wrap my head around.

I have officially started all of my last firsts. Every day I drive to campus I think to myself that in a few months I will no longer be driving these roads or walking these halls. I will be at a whole new school with new people. In a way it feels like I am starting over. The teachers I have grown to know will no longer be down the hall.

While I am excited to graduate and move on to the next step the other part of me is still in shock that I am already at this point. These two years have flown by. It feels like just yesterday I was enrolling here and now I am about to say goodbye. In a way I feel like it will not actually hit me until August comes around and I start at Penn State Lehigh Valley.

This is a bitter-sweet moment for me, and I am sure a lot of other students are in the same boat. I have so many hopes and dreams for the future and LCCC has allowed for these dreams to become a reality.


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