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Why Dwell on the Past?

Alex Perez | Editor

Most people at any point in time have probably experienced the misfortune of getting stuck on something that already happened. It’s a normal occurrence, but it’s detrimental to moving forward.

In my personal life, there have been some situations that have caused me to think about them constantly. Sometimes they’re hard to ignore, other times they leave as quickly as they came. I deem these thoughts as irrational, because why should I focus on a past that I can’t change? It doesn’t make sense really, there’s no real gain in dwelling over what once was.

I don’t mean this to say that looking back on things to learn about them or help you through stuff is bad, let alone irrational. When those thoughts consume you, however, that’s when the problem begins.

Recognizing symbols of the past that marked you is important, but it is also important to stay present and take care of who you are now, what’s important now, and how the present is affecting you.

The only advice I have on how to do this is simply to allow yourself to stop when things start becoming too much. Don’t feed that side of your brain that wants you to feel bad, just accept things for what they are and let them go (easier said than done of course).

I had to learn this the hard way, and it’s still a work in progress but I have gotten better. So, be more gentle with yourself and allow the past to stay in the past.


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