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The Stressors of Stress

Veronica Querio | Writer

Stress can be a very strong topic for a lot of people. Sometimes when someone says the word “stress” to us, it can put us under even more pressure.

Many negatives come from dealing with stress, such as promoting disease, affecting your love life, such as pushing your significant other away, ruining your teeth and gums, ruining your heart, making you gain weight, making you look older, weakening your immune system, leading to long-term disability, and much more.

Speaking personally, stress has definitely pushed away the people I love, and I’m very sad it has. My weight gain has also been a lot higher than where I’d want it to be, and trust me when I say, that’s detrimental to how I look and feel about myself…

The tragedy is that not everyone knows how to cope with these issues. One of the first things students turn to is the use of drugs or alcohol. While this may seem like a way to cope with the harm, it wouldn’t do much to benefit you in a positive way.

Admitting your fears is one of the most powerful things you can do to stop yourself from spiraling into stress. When we are honest with ourselves about a source of concern, it is easier to express our concerns to others. We tend to not ask for help from family and friends to seem strong, but in reality, they are our largest support system and would do anything to help us find a positive way out. We are always cared for and loved by others, so don’t tune out the people who make our lives so much better and easier.

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