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The Industrialization of Agriculture

Maddie Newman | Writer

Agriculture is one of the, if not the, most important industries in the world. Our lives depend on it. Sadly, many people have become so hyper-fixated on what business strategy makes the most money that the cost of humanity is no longer a concern. Those random fields you see while driving on the freeway are essential to our livelihood and they are under attack. For some reason, greedy business owners think we need more cement warehouses in the world and less wildlife.

In the Lehigh Valley, there has been a boom in manufacturing plants recently due to our close proximity to New York City and the fast-growing business of e-commerce retailers. These warehouses have taken over acres of farmland in Orefield, Schnecksville, Weisenberg, and beyond. Tractor trailers are overrunning our streets, traffic is at an all-time high, and our history is being erased.

Significant pieces of culture like a 259-year-old cemetery site of a Revolutionary War captain are being threatened to be destroyed in order to build yet another warehouse. But what can we do to stop it? Thankfully, people are stepping up and speaking their minds on the matter. Lowhill Township has held a lengthy battle against the developers of 3 large warehouses being built off of Route 100. Citizens of other communities are also putting up a fight. We as citizens need to make our voices heard, protect the rurality of our land, and promote a lifestyle that celebrates the importance and beauty of agriculture.


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