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The Challenges of Online Classes

Nearly a year ago, students went from going to the college campus everyday to taking classes entirely online. This transition was a surprising one, especially since the decision was made so quickly and in the middle of spring break.

Some of my classes weren’t so difficult when it came to the transition, while others were a struggle to finish. On one hand, I am thankful that classes were able to adjust to this change. On the other hand, I have found it more challenging than before.

Classes at home have distractions that can take my focus away from work. For example, pets can be distracting because they are either constantly asking for my attention or making noise outside of my work area. Another problem I have faced includes connection problems in my classes. There was one time in which I almost missed a class because there was something wrong with my internet and I couldn’t fix it.

These are a few problems that I have faced with online classes throughout the year. While taking classes online has its moments of frustration, I still do the best with what I have to work with. I am thankful that I can still participate in my classes in an effective and safe manner for myself, other students and faculty. I am remaining hopeful that one of these days, we will all return to attending class on campus normally, and seeing each other in person once again


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