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The best movie of 2022

Scar DeLosSantos | Staff Writer

A ton of great and not-so-great movies have already started to swarm 2022. Of all of the movies that I’ve seen this year, the best without a doubt was the movie “Jujutsu Kaisen: Zero.”

The story is about young Yuta Okkotsu, who has been cursed by his childhood lover. He is sent to Jujutsu High in order to exercise this curse and live a peaceful life.

To begin, the movie's plot had me invested. It was not complicated, and when all was wrapped up, only one question was to be answered. But this will be answered in the anime which is to come in 2023.

The growth of the characters within the film was a joy to watch, with everything being well paced. The movie's atmosphere was practically perfect in every scene.

The only thing that the film lacked when it came to script and storyboarding was in two thrilling scenes where they tried to fit a comedic tone in the midst, and it felt a little forced.

Finally, the movie's animation was gorgeous, with no choppy shots and almost no CGI. The fight choreography was excellent, too, with every fight making me sit at the edge of my seat.

Many thanks to studio Mappa who animated the movie and have been animating bangers all year round. All around, the movie was a solid 10, exceeding my expectations. If you’re a fan of Shonen Anime, I highly recommend this film to you.


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