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Taking Care Of Yourself

Julianna Vartuli | Writer

Life can be complicated and stressful, and everyday a new challenge or task is added to an already long to-do list that I have in my head. I am still young at just 19 years of age, and as I get older it is extremely evident to me that the people around you are what will either make you more stressed or finally feel relaxed.

As a preteen and going into high school I would have friends and even family who did not benefit my life or even made it worse at times. Having people that are reliable and provide support to your life are the people that make every hard task worth it.

For me, as someone who is very influenced by their surroundings, I know that if I have a friend who is constantly wearing me thin, I will be affected in other areas of my life and not pay attention to things that are important.

In the grand scheme of things, my whole point is to take care of yourself first. As selfish as it sounds, some people will take everything from you until you have nothing left to give. Only you can control how far and how much they can push you. As I've started to only surround myself with people who are supportive and genuine, I've realized that I am significantly happier and more motivated to focus on personal growth.


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