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Take A Hike

Sophia Shuhay | Writer

Life’s obligations can be too much sometimes. Whether it’s school, work, managing relationships or simply finding some time for yourself, it is easy to crack under the pressure of everyday responsibilities.

Over time, life made me feel exhausted and unmotivated. I neglected my schoolwork, lost all my friends, and worst of all, I did not like who I was becoming. To fix this problem, I took it upon myself to find a hobby, which was hiking. I’ve always heard that being in nature is a good way to improve mental health. Little did I know that it would be the main reason why I am here today.

A study done by Stanford University states that walking in nature can lower the risk of depression and anxiety. Hiking also has a major effect on a person’s mood and aspects of cognitive function, such as working memory.

I always feel happy and refreshed after going on a hike. Even if you don’t like hiking, studies show that sitting in nature is just as effective. I suggest making art, taking photos, journaling, writing or reading a book, or meditating to clear your mind.

Being in nature can be healing to your mind, body, and soul. Scheduling time to do this once or twice every week can have an enormous impact on the state of your mental health.


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