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Pennsylvania Wages on the Rise

Jose Guzman | Writer

Rising Pennsylvania wages are right around the corner, with many college students benefiting. Governor Tom Wolf recently passed a new bill that increases the minimum wage for state workers to $15/hour, a step in the right direction.

Although this means nothing for most people, it’s important to note that minimum wage is on the rise for everyone. Wolf has been working on legislation to increase minimum wage to $12/hour. This is all part of a bigger plan to get to the $15/hour mark, with gradual increases until 2027. Waiting five years for a pay raise may seem like a nightmare for most students. According to a recent study, 60% of college students make less than $15/hour. With this information, it’s safe to say that most students would benefit from an increase, regardless of when it arrives.

From the terrors of lingering student debt, to how much free time we get as students, I think it’s safe to say that a wage increase will make everyone's life significantly easier. It’s no secret that the price of college has skyrocketed in the last 20 years, and it reflects on most tuition bills. A work/life balance is important, but also really hard to manage as a full-time student with a job. Mental health is a very important thing, and raising wages would take a lot of stress off of a lot of students, me included.

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