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Keeping Up with the Ever-Changing Fashion Industry

Eleonora Hiotis | Writer

Jean styles vary and have gone from skinny, to straight, and currently a flare leg style.

Fashion is a key tool that many college students use to express themselves and their identity. Many enjoy keeping up with the latest trends, while others like to be nostalgic and take on looks from the past. Trying to find the latest hot pattern or jean style can be difficult as fashion trends resurface from the past and styles are constantly changing.

But why does fashion do this?

According to “Current Boutique”, a consignment community in the fashion world, “Fashion trends are cyclical because we are constantly being influenced by the fashions before us, nostalgia for eras past, the economy, social media, and so much more.”

Social media apps like Instagram and Tiktok have provided insights into the incessantly changing trends in the fashion industry. Here people display their finds and also serve as inspiration for others to find similar pieces or styles.

According to “A Magazine”, a beauty, fashion and culture magazine, the “20-year-rule” explains that “every 20 years or so the trends that were once popular will begin to be on the forefront again.” Today many trends from the early 2000s have resurfaced, for example, the iconic straight-leg yoga pants have now become the trendy, sought-after flare legging.

One way to find unique, nostalgic pieces is by digging through thrift store inventory. Thrift stores can have some of the most interesting pieces and, of course, it makes finding a unique treasure all the more fun. Thrifting is also a fun alternative for young, broke college students to find stylish pieces for their wardrobe at a more discounted price. Since fashion trends always cycle back again, thrifting is a good alternative and stops fast fashion as it's an efficient way to shop for classic or unique pieces.


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