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Dirt Racer Ryan Graver Looking for Success at Grandview Speedway

Kenneth Wallace | Writer

Ryan Graver’s 602 Crate Sportsman (Right) at Big Diamond Speedway. Photo Credit: Ryan Graver

Ryan Graver is a student currently enrolled at LCCC with an interesting hobby-dirt racing.

Ryan started racing in Quarter Midgets at six years old and quickly moved into Junior Slingshots, two classes for younger kids ages 5-16 who are into racing.

He took his talent to Big Diamond Speedway in the Savage 61 602 Crate Sportsman class, a new class where the motor is the same for all cars, in the years 2020 and 2021. Ryan will move on from Big Diamond and head to Grandview Speedway, located in Berks County Pennsylvania, for this upcoming season.

“The plan this year is to run Grandview,” Graver said. “It’s definitely going to be different. I won three heat races in the past two years at Diamond. Hopefully, I can get my first feature win.”

Ryan ran at Grandview Speedway back in his Junior Slingshots days, but he prepares the car every night focusing on the setup after an eight-year hiatus from the track.

“We’ve been working hard every night. I do most of the work. I clean the car, I nut and bolt everything. I'm trying to learn more setup stuff. We’re getting the car set up to be where I need to be and keep up with everyone else. Having not run at the track since 2014, it’ll be different.”

Not only will Ryan be racing in the Crate class, but he will also race in Grandview’s Open Sportsman class, a class similar to crates but with more motor. He will be at a disadvantage with a less powerful motor.

“This year I will be running two series throughout the year,'' Graver said. “The Crates, for six races. And then the Open Sportsman. I’ll be going against people with open motors who will have more horsepower compared to my crate. We basically have to run what we bring. It should be a fun season.”

Ryan competed in Grandview’s season opener in the Open Sportsman class on Saturday, April 2, finishing 21 out of 26 cars.

Ryan’s next race at Grandview is Saturday, April 9 in the Open Sportsman class.


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