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Can You Drink The Cost?

Kenny Baptiste | Writer

On March 28, 2024, LCCC held its annual CHOICES: Alcohol Abuse Awareness and Prevention Program in the Student Union building at LCCC’s main campus. This presentation was sponsored by LCCC’s Counseling Center and the Office of Public Safety where Officer Erick Gall was the main presenter.

Gall is a supervisor for the Bureau of Liquor Control and Enforcement with the Pennsylvania State Police. The presentation was directed towards students, faculty, and staff and it focused on the consequences that underage drinking could have on your physical health and your future.

The presentation was split into three different sections: the effects of alcohol on the body, laws associated with underage drinking, and college parties with the illegal selling of alcohol without a license.

Gall, stressed the importance of your health by providing the long-term effects of alcohol abuse. Some of these are liver damage, heart disease, ulcers, cancer, obesity, and many more. 

“Alcohol doesn’t only affect your physical health, it also affects your life,” said Officer Gall.

In the presentation, Gall also talks about the other things that alcohol could affect besides your health. Your education, finances, sports, family, and the people around you can be affected by you being under the influence. Alcohol also can have a negative impact on careers such as education, law enforcement, and medicine.

“Everything is a choice,” said Officer Gall, “the things you do today will stay with you for the rest of your life.”

Photo Caption: A photo of bracelets that were distributed at the presentation.


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