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Being a Coffee Drinker

Max Barajas | Editor

I am one of those people who does not like it when people try to talk to them until I've had my first cup of coffee. Drinking coffee gives me a small joy in life, especially in the many forms I drink it. I usually like hot and iced coffee from Starbucks and Wawa. People all over the world depend on coffee to tackle life’s responsibilities and get through the day. There is just something special about craving an overpriced cup of coffee or latte, especially when I am out in public.

It takes time to learn how to enjoy coffee and how to drink it the right way. It was not something that I was able to like on the first sip. I had to learn how to enjoy it the right way, how to truly savor the taste–which wasn’t easy to do.

To start, people drink their coffee in many ways. There’s hot coffee, iced coffee, and all these other forms of coffee such as lattes, cappuccinos, americanos, espresso, and so on.

They may like it black because it is suggested that black coffee is the healthiest way to enjoy coffee. People may put cream in their coffee, to make it taste better and sweeter. I think drinking black coffee is extremely hard to do, because it can be disgusting, and I give praise to those who can do it every day.

I always love drinking coffee when I wake up, and at other periods during the day. So, what is stopping you from enjoying a hot, balanced cup of coffee, or from buying the latest overpriced latte?


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