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An Age of Blooming

Giavaughn Henriquez | Writer 

A view of sunset over a mountain range with tall trees in the foreground.

Lately, I feel everything and nothing at the same time. I turned 20 earlier this year and can't help but wonder where my life will end up. I was so sure of what my future held as a child. Of course, I would be a world-famous astronomer who lived on the moon and bounced around for fun when I was not finding revolutionary discoveries. If that did not work out, I would obviously become a respected professor at Harvard teaching ambitious students how to knit beanies for their grandmothers.

Now that I am a young adult, I am everything but confident in what my future holds. Will I become a stay-at-home mom living in the suburbs? The old librarian with a vast knowledge of literature? The award winning Ph.D. candidate who also won the lottery? Could I be all of these? The possibilities are overwhelming. 

Just as the first day of spring has passed and the flowers are starting to bloom, I am learning to adjust to this new corner of my life. Is this what they mean when they say, “Your twenties will be the greatest years of your life?” Is it all the opportunities that make me fortunate? The privilege of youth? In spite of being saddled with college and professional responsibilities, I am excited for where this life will lead me. I encourage my fellow 20-year-olds to appreciate the changing seasons and trust the journey ahead. Harvard could be hiring a knitting professor anytime now.


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