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Advice for New Gym Members

Andi Hoherchak | Writer

The gym can be intimidating for first-time members, who are unsure what they are doing.

I remember my first workout looking around at the people surrounding me wondering how they appeared so comfortable and why they knew exactly what they were doing without any awkwardness. With a little bit of work, I blossomed into a gym-loving girl. Here is my advice to better enjoy your next workout.

First, I would recommend finding a gym partner to make you feel more comfortable, both with the equipment and the social environment. It feels more natural to have someone with you that knows the equipment.

I went to the gym with a close friend for the first month before I felt comfortable enough to go on my own. If my friend couldn’t go, I would rope my eleven-year-old brother to come with me for moral support, so I wouldn’t have to be alone.

Secondly, remember that nobody is looking at you! It’s difficult when feeling uncomfortable and feel like people are watching you.

But I can promise that they aren’t- it’s your anxiety whispering in your ear.

Thirdly, take it one step at a time, and don’t force yourself to go every day but go when you feel charged and ready to conquer your workout! And don’t take too much on at the gym. Maybe stick to getting a feel for the environment or maybe only do a few exercises instead of a full workout.

The gym can be a scary place for newcomers, but it’s all about getting comfortable. Working out could become your next favorite thing if you don’t give up!


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