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A Hot Take on Totino's Pizza Rolls

Katherine Lovelidge | Staff Writer

You can mute your microwave!

Personally, I think this factual tidbit can only be described as fun.

It proves useful if you apply it to your own appliance, but I think more significance lies in the bond that results from the interaction the recitation of such knowledge provides.

Most people respond to “Hey, did you know you can mute your microwave?” in one of two ways.

The first reaction is one of relative indifference. These responses include your, “Nice,” “Yeah…”, “I figured,” “Maybe your microwave,” “Ok,” or “No, I didn’t.”

The second is more receptive. These are your, “No way!” “Really? Teach me how!”, or other responses that end with audible exclamations.

More often than not, the latter group will want you to elaborate. Suddenly, you’re able to bond over something so incredibly minute and superficially silly.

As it turns out, there is a whole community of people out there who understand that the sound of the pinging microwave when the timer hits zero pretty much encompasses just about everything ugly and bad in the world.

But it’s crazy how everything ugly and bad in the world can actually end up bringing people together who wouldn’t have otherwise had a conversation.

Why were they up at 2 AM making Totino's pizza rolls and fastidiously watching the timer to open the door when just one second remained? Why were you?

Let strangers and friends alike know that we have more in common than they may think.

You are not alone, AND you can mute your microwave!


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