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Getting ready for work with a little help from Rhett and Link

As Link Neal would say, each morning “Goooooood Mythical Morning”

What a great start to my day.

Each morning I like to eat cereal and watch Good Mythical Morning because this is not like your typical morning show, Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal are more positive and funny. While they may talk about some current events, they try to make it fun at the same time.

Good Mythical Morning is a series on YouTube made by two childhood best friends, Rehett and Link. The pair also host cooking shows with one of their helpers Josh, podcasts and their own books. The people that pull this show off are awesome because they have a different theme everyday, that must take hours to set up.

The show makes the morning news fun because they make it interactive through social media and other platforms. I love to watch this every morning because they go over things that you wouldn’t have thought about until they do it -- like trying to guess international foods and where they came from. They then throw darts at a map and see who was closest to the right answer.

One series called “Will It…” It’s about taking one food item like pizza and seeing what other foods will make a good pizza like frog legs.Anyway even if the segments are silly they still teach people along the way just in a silly manner. They even leave items in jars of anything such as bleach and see what happens over time. I think this provides an educational twist to the show because it's science in some form.

So, in all, anyone looking for a way to brighten their mornings should go check the series out sometime.

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