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Words from the editors

I like to look at my life in stages or chapters.

They say, “as one door closes, another opens” and that promotes the thought that we are always moving forward. I live by a similar mantra but looking at life as doors never really sat well for me. I am a firm believer that things come our way for a reason, and that every experience is important to our overall story.

Because of that, I find it is a lot easier to look at life in chapters instead. We tend to experience things in chunks, or all at once and sometimes it can be overwhelming. However, it is important to realize that we should not rush our progress just to maintain what society pushes us to believe.

I spent a lot of time at LCCC, and with LCCC’s flexibility it was a system that worked for me. Two years ago, I experienced medical issues that shunted my progress, and due to that I spent a lot of time thinking I should have been elsewhere. I watched my friends progress into their next chapters in life, which left me feeling stagnant and unmoving.

However, I very quickly learned that progress cannot be rushed. We walk specific paths and running to catch up to others will just hinder us from enjoying the journey. When I took a moment to breathe, I realized that everything would happen when it was meant to. When I officially signed up for my very last semester with an even brighter future ahead of me, I realized just how true that was.

Like Makenzie, if I am leaving the paper with anything, I would like it to this: do not feel like you should be somewhere or doing something else just because your peers may be. Everything comes for you when it is meant to, and it is important to enjoy the journey as it comes.

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