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Outdoors Club members connect with nature—and themselves

Put all electronic devices down and take a step into the great outdoors. It’s time to focus on yourself and mother nature.

According to research from The American Institute of Stress, the great outdoors can reduce stress, improve our moods, and, most importantly, recharge us.

Science Direct reported similar findings, stating that “spending time outdoors in the wilderness increased life satisfaction, happiness, and mindfulness.”

Recognizing these benefits, the LCCC Outdoors Club allows students to enjoy the outdoors together.

“I love the outdoors, and I thought it would be fun to meet other people in the school community”, said Cassidy Klingman, vice president of the club.

Otavio Santos De Albuquerque, president of the club, collaborates with Klingman to plan events like hiking, camping, ice skating, indoor rock climbing, skiing, and other activities. Recently, the club paired up with the LCCC Foundation Virtual Fall Fitness 5K fundraiser to support the Covid-19 Student Emergency Fund.

The club is encouraging people to go outdoors, spend time with nature, and to care about the environment,” Santos De Albuquerque said. “This is the way to engage with LCCC staff and students.”

For more information about the Outdoors Club, contact Santos De Albuquerque at

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