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A little kindness goes a long way

Growing up, I always made it a point to compliment anyone – even strangers.

Much to my confusion, friends or classmates often called me weird for it, but I never really understood why. I complimented people purely to spread a little bit of kindness around; I clearly got nothing in return for doing so, other than the typical “thank you” or smile. I simply wanted to make someone happy – and my spontaneous compliments did just that.

There’s something about a stranger giving a compliment that means more to people. I think people find it more meaningful coming from a stranger than a close friend because people expect their friends to compliment them; much like how we expect comments from our friends on the latest selfie we posted.

In high school a friend once pointed out how a girl in our class often smiled a little brighter after I complimented her, even if I complimented something as simple as her shoes. And that’s exactly why I do it; I enjoy seeing people happy. So, I never understood why anyone ever had an issue with me complimenting strangers or acquaintances.

In 2020, I think we all need a bit of extra happiness in our lives with all the constant negativity. That isn’t to say that a simple compliment will bring world peace or end poverty, but at the very least it leaves a good impact on someone’s day.

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